Human Resources

MAC People

The most valuable asset is our people: we strive for excellence, creativity and innovation by making them powerful, thus building a team with customer focused culture.

Our people are dedicated to setting higher personal and professional standards; enhancing and nurturing skills through participation in industry related courses, seminars and programs help them to sustain high personal and professional standards whilst assisting to accomplish their personal career advancements and organizational objectives.

We trust that investing in people is the key to move forward in today’s highly competitive business environment.


We find no difference between investing in people and in our business. Thus, we inspire people by offering continuous learning, development and career growth programs towards building a highly competitive group of professionals.


MAC has instilled a culture of performers been rewarded which inspires its people to set higher standards for themselves, encouraging them to move an extra mile to achieve organizational objectives. Employees are developed, not only on their core competencies but also with the holistic development of themselves as individuals.

MAC focuses on both personal and professional growth. A career path at MAC has great potential. An applicant is evaluated in areas pertinent to his/her Job Description as well as in terms of performance indicators, efficiency, effectiveness, discipline, leadership, communication and customer service skills that make MAC an organization complete.

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