We at MAC possess a strong commitment to environment at large. We believe that the exhaustion of natural resources utilized by our business practices must be restored to the environment so that our presence will not be detrimental to future generation. Our business strategies combine its core competencies with activities which are of benefit to society and the environment.

As a company we demonstrate our commitment and respect for all our stakeholders including the communities and the environment in which our businesses operate. One challenge is how to articulate that commitment to your employees and the wider community.

Our aim is to achieve long lasting success by educating our stakeholders on our working culture, shared values, and CSR guideline which derives the components we focus on. They are Education, Health, Community Development, Environment and Disaster Relief.

To put them in to practice, we believe “Action speaks louder than words”, we inculcate sustainability in our corporate office, into our day to day thoughts and activities through learning, sharing, collaborating and reinforcing.

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